Roshini is Family Support and Advocacy group of Family caregivers for people persons suffering from major mental disorders (known as users) such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and OCD. It was initiated in 2006 by the leading advocacy NGO, Action for Mental illness, Bangalore. In 2010, it was registered as an independent public charitable trust under the Indian Trust Act. We, the family careers share and support each other. We learn from each other’s experience, both success and failures.

We are an outstanding example of the way in which the family can be made into an important national resource for care and support to overcome the acute shortage of mental health manpower.

The unique of ROSHINI is that in addition to its own activities mentioned above, it also works as an advocacy forum to draw the attention of Delhi Government towards crisis intervention aids like ambulance services and easy hospitalization procedures, keeping in mind the rights of the people affected by Mental Illness. At this moment we are all helping each other in crisis situations.